Management Team

Nupotential's management team has expertise in the fields of epigenetics and cellular reprogramming.
  • Joan Neuscheler, MBA, CEO and Board Member - 25+ years in the healthcare industry working with early stage companies in biotech, specialty pharma, med devices, and healthcare IT/services. Experienced V.C. and Board member.                              email:
  • Kenneth Eilertsen, PhD, President/Founder - 20 years experience in epigenetics, stem cells and reprogramming. Cofounder of Infigen, Inc. Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics, Postdoc-Duke University Medical Center. Research scientist at Johnson and Johnson, Inc. Faculty member, Pennington Biomedical Research Center.                                email:
  • Robert Johnson, MD, PhD, Scientific Advisor - 30+ years in biopharmaceutical industry and medicine. Former CEO/CSO of Kosan Biosciences, publicly-traded oncology drug development company, VP Preclinical/Pharmacology at Chiron, Faculty at Harvard Medical School, UPenn School of Medicine and Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  
  • Michael P. Smith, Business Advisor - 15 years experience in the biopharmaceutical industry in executive roles; entered industry with Chiron in corporate development, finance and commercial positions and subsequently held roles at QLT, Inc. (VP), Memory Pharmaceuticals (CFO & VP), and iPierian (VP).  
  • Dr. Jong Rim, DVM, PhD, Director of Research - 15+ years experience in molecular biology research. Dr. Rim trained at Johns Hopkins University and the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Dr. Rim is a scientific leader in epigenetics.  email:
  • Dr. Jaroslaw Staszkiewicz, DVM, PhD, Senior Scientist - 15+ years experience in epigenetics, stem cells, nuclear reprogramming and regenerative biology. Dr. Staszkiewicz is a Fulbright scholar and leads NuPotentialís efforts in screening and identifying NP-Epidrugs. email:
  • Dr. JD Kim, PhD, Senior Scientist - 15+ years experience in therapeutic protein expression in mammalian cells, epigenetics and genomic imprinting, and anti-cancer drug development. Dr. Kim leads virtual screening efforts to identify new small molecule inhibitors of methyltransferases.  email:
  • Lettie Harkins, Business Manager and Scientist - 15+ years experience in analytical scientific instrumentation and analytical chemistry. Ms. Harkins also serves as NuPotentialís Business Manager handling day-to-day operations of the company.                  email:
  • Ru Gao, PhD Senior Scientist - 15+ years in stem cell, reprogramming and diabetes research.                  email:
  • Armand Centanni, Research Scientist - 10 years of research experience in thermoregulation, obesity and nutrient deficiency.                                      email: