NuPotential is always interested in discussing any potential licensing arrangements. 


  • NP-mABs  - Cell Reprogramming Biomarkers
    • As part of its cell reprogramming discovery research, NuPotential has developed several panels of monoclonal antibodies against epigenetic and other markers of cell developmental competence. Commercial licenses for resale are available on these antibodies.
  • NP-Epidrugs - Small Molecule Epigenetic Modifiers
    • NuPotential has developed more than two hundred novel and highly selective histone deacetylase and sirtuin inhibitors from its PIER drug discovery platform. The company intends to grant licenses for clinical development of select members of this and future novel, proprietary epidrug libraries of histone methyltransferase (HMT) inhibitors and other epigenetic targets. 
  • NP-iPS - Reprogrammed iPS Cell Lines
    • Using its proprietary cell reprogramming platform, NuPotential scientists have generated several human pluripotent cells lines to compliment ongoing R&D efforts in the regenerative medicine space.  These cell lines will be made available soon.


  • Validated differentiation technologies (smooth muscle, cardiac,
    adipocyte, or hepatocyte specific).
  • Novel therapeutic technologies reliant upon cell reprogramming.
  • Novel technologies to screen/validate reprogramming/differentiation biomarkers.
  • Novel technologies to screen/validate epigenetic-related type 2
    diabetes biomarkers.


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