NuPotential's success in collaborative endeavors is just as much a testament to the company's innovative platforms as is the unique skill set and personalities of its employees. As such, our team welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other firms dedicated to trailblaze a path towards effective solutions for type 2 diabates. In addition to several ongoing or pending SBIR/STTR collaborative projects, NuPotential is engaged in preliminary discussion with several major firms who stand to benefit from its breakthrough reprogramming platform (cell line creation) as well as its novel epidrug libraries (type 2 diabetes and cancer therapies). NuPotential's core area of interest includes:

  • Co-development of novel and/or first in class, epigenetic-based pharmaceuticals targeting type 2 diabates and related indications.
  • Co-development of NuPotential’s proprietary cell reprogramming technology for disease model cell line, cell therapeutic or diagnostic applications..
  • Joint research for epigenetic-based biomarker elucidation in respect to type 2 diabetes and related indications.
  • Joint research for regenerative medicine therapies in respect to type 2 diabetes and related indications.
  • Other activities related to epigenetic-based, type 2 diabetes therapies and/or tools on a case-by-case basis.


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